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2018 Traveling Teams Announced

By IGHBA Staff, 03/28/18, 12:00PM CDT


Parent Meeting Set for Apr. 8th

IGHBA is proud to announce this year's 2018 traveling baseball teams. We're looking forward to a fun and exciting baseball season.

The mandatory parent meeting will be held on Apr. 8th at Cahill Court (Cafeteria) in Simley High School at 4:00 pm. One parent from each player must attend this meeting. Players are also welcome to attend the meeting as coaches will have a short time at the end of the meeting to address their team. If you need to finish your uniform order, you can arrive at 3:30 pm to finish that process prior to the meeting.

There are a few items each player/parent will need to complete and bring to the meeting:
- Each player must turn in a COPY of their birth certificate
- Each player/family must turn in the $200 volunteer check
- ALL uniform orders must be completed and turned in at this time. THIS IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER UNIFORM ITEMS.
- Each player/parent must turn in a signed Code of Conduct form. CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page to get the printable form.
- ALL registration fees/balances must be paid at this time. If you have a question on what your balance is, please contact our Treasurer.
- All players are asked to donate 2 x 8-packs or 1 x 20-pack of 20 oz bottles of Gatorade. Each team is designated a flavor listed below. THESE MUST BE THE FLAVOR LISTED BELOW AND THESE MUST BE THE 20 OZ BOTTLES. NO EXCEPTIONS. Gatorade will be collected at a drop off point outside in the parking lot.

No players will be allowed to participate in any practices or games until the above items are completed and turned in. Please come to the meeting prepared, as this will make things move along in a timely fashion

2018 IGHBA Traveling Teams

9AA 10A 11A 12A White
Kennedy Reinkall Mcelmury Kennedy
Deveney Buck Anderson Stammler
Grovum Shier Peters Mens
Koch Chatleain Feldman Niemioja
Streiff Groth Smith Schiltz
Lounsberry Flategraff Seelhammer Sanford
Pierson Lundell Seelhammer Dohmen
Schmid Johnson Miller Parker
Callahan Salas Kohout Grundhoefer
Briggs Watson Ostebo Brooks
Koester Alberghetti
Gatorade Flavor Grape Lemon-Lime Orange Cool Blue
12A Blue 13A 14/15A White 14/15A Blue
Martin Krebs Mangan Petryszyn
Milner Lane Lindquist Koch
Ellingson Borrowman Wood Redner
Gyan Ostebo Hinz Strand
Salas Housewright Preuss Bloch
Brown Osland Rosendale Seidl
Lorentz Follman Schroeder Schultz
Bartlette Bagge Ostebo Roitman
Bell Fumich Kohout Grovum
Rogers Nelson Luedke
Thibodeau Lysne Madigan
Barklow Kueffler
Gatorade Flavor Lemon-Lime Cool Blue Orange Grape